Wednesday “Bump” Day: Art of the Biz

Please join us in welcoming a brand new weekly segment to the UQ Events blog: “Bump Day.” I’m sure you’re wondering what this means. Well, Wednesday is often referred to more colloquially as Hump Day, and giving someone a “bump” is like giving praise. So, with that said, every “Bump Day” we will drop a line on a website or blog that we particularly enjoy; an event-related online publication that – either local or not – produces something engaging, meaningful, useful or just flat out interesting.

This week, we decided to stick with the theatre-blog theme (last week we covered The Next Stage ) and discuss The Art of the Business blog by local theatre marketer Rebecca Coleman. Rebecca publishes smooth, conversational posts on anything from well-informed thoughts on this year’s budget allotment for the arts, to marketing tips for upcoming theatre productions.

As a marketer herself, she recognizes the importance of leaping, laptop in hand, into the forever-evolving online world in order to gain and retain a competitive edge in a society that is quickly becoming ‘Googlized.’ As a solely online organization ourselves – one who relies largely on unconventional media – we couldn’t agree with her more.

So do whatever it is that you like to do on Wednesday, just remember to check out our pick-of-the-week Bump Day posts to help get you over that proverbial mid-week hump.

By Jacquie Lanthier

Rebecca Coleman


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