Bump Day: Urban Diner

We all know that the Vancouver restaurant scene is populated by many world-class eateries, but what about the rest of the province? If you’ve ever been curious about the culinary delights that await you both around Vancouver and outside of the Metro area, the Urban Diner Restaurant Scene Magazine should be your first stop before popping out for a bite, or hopping into your car for a drive to the interior.

Urban Diner

If you’re an avid diner looking for the next great thing, they’ve got reviews on all of Vancouver’s tried-and-true favourites, plus a list of soon-to-be open and newly launched spots across the city. If you’re a member of the restaurant industry and just so happen to be looking for a job in BC, they have a ‘help wanted’ board which beats scouring coffee shop cork boards any day of the week. And last, but certainly not least, there’s also a place where reviewers and experts on libations chime in on their picks for locally produced beer and wine.

So, if your Valentine’s dinner turned out to be less than stellar, hop on over to Urban Diner to get some ideas about which restaurants you’d like to try on your next special occasion, or just to peruse the site for a prime location to unwind this Friday afternoon.

by Jacquie Lanthier


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