Bump Day: NowPublic

by Jacquie Lanthier

Have you ever wondered if rappers really are the bullies they claim to be, whether electrodynamics have solved the mystery of Saturn’s dual hot spots, or which names top a list of the world’s most unfortunate?

Well, neither have we (although we can now tell you that Stan Still and Doug Hole are considered very bad names).

Welcome to the world of citizen journalism that is proliferating on the “crowd powered” pages of NowPublic. The live-time scroll of uploaded material flicking along under a canopy of topic headers lets you know that the answers to all your news needs are to be found all in one spot—and this is it.


The Vancouver-born site was nominated for an Emmy for Advanced Media: Interactivity, attesting to its incredibly user-friendly interface. This has been an important part of the site’s success, as it relies on the news stories and photos uploaded from us—the citizens of the world.

Questions like the ones listed above may not be your thing, but they’re just a sampling of the wild and crazy topics you can read about on the site. But, if traditional news about the economy, green energy or celebrity gossip is what you enjoy, then you’ll quickly find that there is something here for everyone, including you. And, if, by chance, you don’t find the story you’re looking for on NowPublic, you’re always welcome to write it yourself!


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