Bump Day: The Tyee

by Jacquie Lanthier

Imagine you’re fishing. It’s very relaxing as the water laps passively at the sides of your wooden boat, its reflective surface flat and calm. Then it happens. You catch something—something huge. It tugs at the end of your line and you forcefully reel it in, pulling and screaming with excitement as it smashes through the glassy water in front of you. We know this is a lengthy metaphor, but looking at the salmon leaping from the header of The Tyee and reading about the topics the writers unearth makes you believe the exhilaration of reeling in a “big one” is something they must revel in often.

The Tyee

The Tyee reports on the controversial topics we Vancouverites ponder, with a passion and finesse that only comes with experience, paired at times with pure bravery. They definitely go for the big fish, and watching their words reel in such sensational stories is a thrilling experience.

The gutsy topics are spread among all the same news sections you would see in a typical Saturday newspaper: sports, entertainment, music; they even have fantastically laid out photo essays. Add that to their videos and podcasts, plus the option to go green and have the weekly stories delivered straight to your inbox, and it soon becomes clear that they aren’t just your regular newspaper.

So instead of battling the slanting Vancouver rain, we suggest that you go fishing for current events from the comfort of your living room with The Tyee. Needless to say, you’ll be hooked.


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