Bump Day: Vancouver IAM Website

by Jacquie Lanthier

Meet G.O.O.P.—Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal journalism site—the acronym of which comes from her initials. While we wouldn’t have used our initials as a site name if they were synonymous with dry tear crust, its appearance nevertheless highlights the growing ability of just about anyone to start up their own journalism site.

Vancouver IAM

Now meet Vancouver IAM — a site that provides a fresh take on the nightly news, with a domain name that outruns a pile of lethargic goop right off the starting blocks. VancouverIAM is a site dedicated to video journalism that is all about our city, made by the people who live here. For those interested in covering innovative stories about Vancouver, you can sign up for their “video journalism program” which leads you through three steps towards becoming a paid video journalist. If being in front of a camera is not for you, browse through the library of journalism clips or send in a story idea which you would like to see covered on the site.

So instead of spending your time griping about the news stories written by unqualified individuals (sorry Gwyneth), spend it watching the quality footage at VancouverIAM. In an age where anything can be put on the web and people are forgoing their cable boxes in preference of internet newscasts, VancouverIAM may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.


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