Story of Stuff: Earth Hour Vancouver 2009

by Jacquie Lanthier

It can be heard in office lunch rooms, school cafeterias and corner cafes all around the world: “how is one person, turning off their power for only one hour, really going to make a difference?” Earth Hour is happening this Saturday across the world—at 8:30 pm Vancouver time—and as always it has people talking.

Story of Stuff

But no matter what your viewpoint is on global warming, on the economy or on the state of Donald Trump’s hair, you, my friend, are a North American consumer. Hey, so are we, and according to The Story of Stuff, written and narrated by Annie Leonard, we have all been blindly participating in this little bubble of consumerism for way too long. In less time than a Seinfeld episode, The Story of Stuff will change the way you view your role as a steward of our planet, and it will have even the skeptics believing there is something we can each do to lessen the destruction we have already brought upon the earth. And, if you’re still not convinced that buying less will benefit you as an individual, pick up a paper, turn on the radio or make small talk with the guy at the coffee shop and wait for the famous theme of 2009 to butt in: “ways to save money during the economic downturn”.

Even if you decide not to join the world by participating in Earth Hour (and we are definitely not condoning that), has a ton of suggestions for other things you can do to lessen your ecological footprint on our precious planet. Whether you like it or not, The Story of Stuff presents a message that is becoming increasingly difficult for us to ignore: the current production of waste in the world is completely unsustainable. So turn off your lights on Saturday or just think twice before buying the latest new trinket; after all, Annie Leonard really does make you believe that one person really can make a difference.


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