Bump Day: Hunch

By Jacquie Lanthier

The explosion of choice in today’s world can turn even a simple trip to the movie store into a serious mission. If you are not in a decisive mind-frame when you walk in, good luck making the cuts if your first three choices are out of stock. A few conflicting movie recommendations from friends started me spiralling into this dangerous indecision-land just as I was about to head out to rent a flick—until I remembered a new site announced on Techvibes called Hunch.

While it initially seems strange to turn to a computer for advice, Hunch is like that friend you always wanted: someone who instinctively knows exactly what you need in your life and will never say “I told you so” when you decide not to follow their advice. While the site is still in its infancy, having only launched a few weeks ago, there is already an impressive list of user-created questions addressing many of life’s little problems. After asking less than ten questions, Hunch can help you decide what to wear tomorrow, what to make for lunch, or what kind of car to buy. To use it you have to sign up, but that just means a record of your preferences will be kept for use the next time you feel indecisive about something.

After answering some get-to-know-you questions about my fly ball catching skills and my kitchen style preference (let’s call it “homely cottage meets stainless steel appliance sales guy”)—I was ready to actually let a computer make a decision about my life. It suggested I rent a documentary called The English Surgeon; and, while I don’t suggest passing up advice from your best pal since grade four, I do have to admit that it was entertaining to see what Hunch came up with. Now I just have to choose which movie store to go to.


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