Velo-City Vancouver at Vancouver Museum

By Jacquie Lanthier

You see them everywhere: puffing up hills in the rain, speeding around corners in Stanley Park, and skirting the curbs of traffic-laden downtown streets. Cyclists propelling themselves through the use of pedal-power are a growing sight here in Vancouver, and an upcoming exhibit at the Vancouver Museum wants you and your bike to be a part of the show.


Velo-City: Vancouver and the Bicycle Revolution, put on by Propellor Design and the Vancouver Museum, is about your relationship with your bike as a fellow Vancouver cyclist. Get busy and snap a few photos of yourself and your favourite two-wheeled vehicle before heading to the Velo-City site to submit your pic. Once there you can also answer a few questions about why you ride, and let them know your ideas about how the bicycle can change the world.

According to Propellor Design, the guest curators for the show, Velo-City will show how Vancouver cyclists from all walks of life are united in their love of riding a bike. The exhibit “will show how this collective passion is fueling a quiet human-powered revolution that is changing the way we perceive and relate to our city, our communities and ourselves.”

To be a part of the revolution, visit the Velo-City site and share your bicycle story with your cycling peers. Then be sure to mark off an afternoon in your calendar to go see the exhibit, which runs from June 4th to September 7th. You may see someone familiar staring back at you.

Velo-City is a Vancouver Museum feature Exhibition with guest curators Propellor Design.
June 4th, 2009 – September 7, 2009
Vancouver Museum
1100 Chestnut Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9


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