Bump Day: Urbantastic

By Jacquie Lanthier

Do you have a few hours to spare? Looking for something uniquely rewarding to fill your time? Afraid of commitment? No, we’re not covering an online dating site this week—we’re talking about volunteering! Often people are afraid to volunteer because many organizations require a “one year commitment” or “at least 4 hours per week” of your valuable time.

Urbantastic, a site co-founded by business graduates Benjamin Johnson and Heath Johns, is trying to challenge these long-held perceptions about lending your spare time. Launched in Vancouver and Victoria in January 2009, Urbantastic is dedicated to the philosophyphy of “micro-volunteering”: a non-profit organization posts a small job that they need help with—something that requires a one-time commitment of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours—and if you have the time to help them out, you offer. If not, no worries, no commitments. No pressure to contribute any time that you don’t have.

If volunteering is something you’ve thought about, join the list of Urbantastic supporters to access a directory of do-good organizations that can use your help and get out there one hour at a time. And, if you come across an organization working in an area that you feel especially drawn to, you can join their posse to be kept aware of any requests they have for volunteers. Now that the fear of commitment has been taken out of the equation, there’s nothing to stop you from getting out there and lending a hand.


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