Sam Bradley / The Darcys / The Get Down at Richard’s on Richards

by Johnny K

Saturday night found me standing outside Richard’s on Richards wondering what the hell was going on. And no, it didn’t have anything to do with why I was freezing my nipples off at the start of May – I stopped wondering about that years ago.

No, my eyebrows were furled because I was one of 15 or so males in a lineup of about 200 women. Wow. Was Justin Timberlake going to be in there? The Jonas Brothers? Johnny Depp? Whoever it was, this place was certainly not going to be Dick’s on Dicks tonight.

As I pondered over this with my girl, a woman in front of us turned and asked, “You seriously don’t know?”

“Know what?”

After momentarily pausing to make sure I wasn’t pulling her leg, she proceeded to enlighten us with the sort of gossip I usually try to avoid like the swine flu: Sam Bradley co-wrote a song with good friend Robert Pattinson, star of the oh-my-god-like-biggest-fad-EVER Twilight film. Since the song, Never Think / Too Far Gone, is on the film’s popular soundtrack, she was exposed to Sam Bradley and wanted to see him live. Of course, she was also hoping Pattinson would be there cheering his buddy on.


My god, it was all starting to make sense!

When the first act The Get Down graced/defiled the stage, my interest was caught immediately: their weirdness kept our eyes glued while the catchiness and diversity of songs did the same for our ears.

Next, The Darcys, clad in the types of suits and vests that Value Village is no doubt ecstatic to finally see disappearing off its racks, emanated music with more layers than a bag of fresh onions.

At last, the man of the hour came on.

Yet, when he hit the stage and started singing and playing, I couldn’t help but be surprised. His music, while catchy and well written, is acoustic, folk-ish, country-ish, and soulful – and not exactly the kind of music women typically swoon over in this day and age. Yet, in the few months since the soundtrack’s release, this guy’s bounced from city to city more than a band of wild gypsies on meth. What’s more, the sold-out audience of over 85% females was hanging on his every word, chord, and curl.

Needless to say, I was utterly fascinated.


After talking with a few people there that evening, I was surprised that not one of them really knew his songs; a few didn’t even know who he was. However, one thing was clear: they all hoped that Pattinson or other stars from the film would show up to watch.

Hearing this did not make my list of favourite things. I mean, what is this world coming to when people will spend five hours at a concert just to catch a glimpse of someone else?

From the balcony, I looked out over the sea of women and there’s no doubt about it, they were enjoying the performance. Rightly so: Sam Bradley was charismatic, energetic, funny and full of innocent marvel and fascination at his newfound fame. “For the first time in my life, I have merchandise and CDs!” he exclaimed proudly between songs, and I was happy for him: he’s enjoying a quick rise to fame that any hard-working local act would die for. However, at the same time I was also quizzical: will all of these fans stick with him once the craze of Twilight disappears over the horizon? He knows he’s riding coattails here, so I just hope he’ll have his own coat when there’s nothing left to ride.

After all, a fad’s a fickle thing.

P.S. A perceptive fan pointed out to me that both Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart were indeed watching the show from the sidelines. The stalkers got what they wanted…

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