The Kills Kill The Commodore

by Nick Black

I remember the first time I ever heard The Kills: it was about four years ago when I watched a French film called The Beat that My Heart Skipped. The main character was driving down a quiet street in Paris in the middle of the night. It is silent as he begins driving, until the song “Monkey 23” by The Kills begins. The haunting guitar work matched with a deserted Paris street makes the scene incredibly striking. I knew I had to listen to more of this band.

What separates The Kills from any other band is a uniqueness that is difficult to put into words. They are a two-piece band: one hailing from London, and the other from New York. The London half, Jamie Hince, thrashes out the rock on his guitar while the New York half, Alison Mosshart, reflects his violent guitar work with her both beautiful and often ferocious voice. This combination began with rough—although not in production—sounding garage bluesy rock that jolted its listener with its edgy guitar work and in-your-face lyrics. Take the song “Black Rooster”: “you wanna fuck and fight in the basement”. But their latest effort, Midnight Boom, has mixed an almost dancey vibe in with their gritty rock, and it works terrifically; check out the single “U.R.A. Fever” posted below.

I have waited a long time to see The Kills live; although they have played here three times in the last year, I was never able to secure tickets. My opportunity finally came last Saturday, and The Kills did not disappoint. In fact, they blew me away. The sexual ferocity of their studio albums was captured perfectly in their live performance, and their on-stage energy infected the crowd on the dance floor as they barely stopped jumping throughout the entire show. All in all, The Kills put on an unmitigated live show that should not be missed.

The Kills played a show at The Commodore Ballroom on Saturday, May 16.


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