No doubt about it… No Doubt still rocks!

by Johnny K

Like many other boys of my generation, when I was a kid I absolutely loved He-Man. However, for a small chunk of the childhood I spent growing up in several German cities, we didn’t have much money, and therefore, no cable TV. Even more heartbreaking was the fact that the few channels we did have (often fuzzy, black and white, and/or without audio), only played She-Ra, who was pretty much He-Man’s female counterpart. Being a boy, I preferred a male hero over a female one yet, with time, She-Ra grew on me. Eventually, all I cared about was the fact that they could both entertain the hell outta me. The cream of the crop was when He-Man would be featured on an occasional episode of She-Ra, and the two would team up to kick ass together.

This is the epitome of ecstasy when you’re 5 years old.

So… why the hell am I telling you all this?

Because watching singer Gwen Stefani and guitarist Tom Dumont of No Doubt performing together last night at GM Place, thrilled me as just much as those old She-Ra/He-Man combo shows ever did.

Although almost 14 years have passed since Gwen’s squeaky voice first tickled mass society’s ears with “Just a Girl,” you could barely tell: the energy that she and the rest of the band had last night has clearly not diminished in any way. Between the four core band-members (Gwen and Tom as well as Tony Kanal on bass guitar and Adrian Young on drums) and the touring band (Stephen Bradley and Gabrial McNair, both on keys, horns and apparently copious amounts of sugar), the packed crowd at “the garage” had its faces rocked off while moving, screaming, dancing, skanking and singing for the 100+ minute set. What’s more, the trippy, fun and artistic visuals on the massive screen behind the futuristic-looking stage were a blast to watch as we tripped down memory lane listening to one classic song after another. With clips of early shows and home-videos occasionally tossed in, it felt like we were there not just to see a show, but to look back at and relive the amazing career this diverse band has had the privilege of having. And, as this was show 42 of their heavily-anticipated comeback tour, things were just now starting to get (according to Gwen) “really gooey.” I couldn’t have put it better myself… the sauce they were cooking up looked and sounded positively delicious.

No Doubt rocked GM Place on July 19, 2009. For tickets to other shows like this, visit UQ Events.


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  1. Elma on

    They Rock!!!

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