Blink’s Back—at least their good side is!

by Laura Melvin

It’s like they never left!  Blink 182 rocked GM Place Tuesday night for thousands of Vancouver fans, resulting in temporary attendee deafness as all good rock shows do.  It was a night of old school Blink, with minimal interference from their newer material off 2003’s Blink 182. Even after a six year “hiatus” (come on, we all know they broke up and only got back together because their side projects bombed), the boys played their classics with the same intense energy as they did when they first stepped on the scene.  The best of Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket showed up in the set list: “What’s My Age Again?”, “The Rock Show”, and an encore of “Josie” and “Dammit” off of Dude Ranch, had Vancouverites screaming until they were hoarse with excitement.  Only a handful of their later songs showed up, much to my relief, and I fervently sang along until I completely lost my voice like the rest of the crowd—another good sign of an excellent rock show.

There were a lot of awesome elements to the show:  Mark had his signature pink guitar, Tom threw in his wonderfully inappropriate “I wanna f*ck your mom!”, the lights were seizure-inducing, and there was a weird angry bunny thrown into the set design. But it was drummer Travis Barker who stole the show and made it absolutely killer.  A simple “hi” into the microphone, a rarity for Barker, ignited the crowd into a frenzy worthy of maniacal, preteen Jonas Brothers fans.  But that was just the beginning!  The highlight was his over-the-top, one-of-a-kind drum solo.  Barker pounded the beat (and I mean POUNDED; he hits those things hard!) while he was harnessed to a suspended drum kit that revolved in midair.  If God was a drummer, I bet he’d do it like that!

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