Introducing Times Neue Roman

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Live From “The End”, the band’s Kensington Market studio in Toronto – Times Neue Roman brings rock with a general tone and attitude of teenage immortality. Comprised of an award winning poet, Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe (Robert Bolton) and composer, Alexander The, TNR’s peerless sound has been turning heads and snapping necks.

Since debuting in 2008, Times Neue Roman have been rousing crowds at basement jams, rooftops, auto-garages, house parties, pubs, glitzy clubs, NXNE, Juno Fest and the back of a U-Haul truck. They flaunt a live show complete with wild theatrics, reckless moshing, tribal percussion and live visuals.

Even while breaking every rule of song writing and conventional structure, TNR’s popular potential is confirmed by recent placements of their single “Roq Roq” on the EA Sports video game, Fight Night: Round 4 and other songs on TV series like CSI: Las Vegas, A&E’s The Cleaner, MTV Presents: Summer Sessions and 11th Hour.

Times Neue Roman are no strangers to the dance floor either, as confirmed by the recent January 16th release of Zombies; a remix package including heavy-hitters like Barletta’s refix of “To Die” and DJ Jedi’s anthemic remix of “Hi, This Is My New Song”.

It is thus, with great anticipation, we announce their newest single “Best Est. 2019” on February 23rd, which is sure to place TNR among the exciting wave of Canadian artists emerging in this new decade.

CHECK OUT THEIR VIDEO BELOW: Times Neue Roman :: Best Est. 2019

2010 is slated to be a big year so keep your eyes and ears peeled for Times Neue Roman, March 11th at the Musebox showcase for Canadian Music Week and March 26th at Ronny’s in Chicago.


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